The importance of Data and Dashboards for DMOs


In an ever-changing world, where borders are closed and re-opened at the drop of a pin, making the most of the pockets of opportunities that arise for DMOs and tourism boards is pivotal. Having an eagle eye and moving stealth-like, ready to pounce at the right time is priceless. So how are the smart organisations able to see these rare moments, when all you see is fuzz and chaos?

Data & Dashboards for Tourism

Ricardo Millet, Director of Strategy & B. I at Visit Valencia had the same dilemma a few years ago. “Two years ago, our team sat down to brainstorm what our key business goals were. We realized we all wished for the same thing: one place online that contains all the data and analytics in some quick and simple dashboards,” says Millet.

In the end Visit Valencia proudly designed eleven dashboards which includes over 4 million data, including data from ForwardKeys, to help tourism companies of Valencia understand key trends at a single click. The birth and creation of their data tool, S.I.T has been a game-changer for their organisation and the many partners who rely on this data for business development.

“Feedback we often hear nowadays is how data has become important for travel and tourism partners. And I think if you are a DMO you must start by asking your local businesses and operators what information they need.  This way you will be able to create very useful dashboards that will make a difference!”

Transparent Intelligence & DMOs – A crash course in dashboard building

DMOs and Tourism Organisation have become smarter and smarter at understanding their destination. Most organisations now gather data across various sources and use this information internally to make smarter marketing decisions and externally to report on the destination´s performance to its different stakeholders.

Dashboards and data visualisation has become a crucial part of this process. Our industry partner, Transparent Intelligence, has designed a special online course, Business Intelligence Dashboard Building for DMOs and Tourism Boards. “With this course, we want to offer DMOs and Tourism Organisation the power to effortlessly build their business intelligence dashboard.”

This course is 299 Euros but for the first 30 to register quoting FORWARDKEYSFREE-8083,  it is absolutely free. So what are you waiting for?


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