Total Air Market

Drawing on data from a variety of sources, ForwardKeys’ proprietary algorithm calculates the entire market and presents its findings with unrivalled speed, segmentation and detail. The resultant Total Air Market dataset offers unparalleled insight into passenger group size, passenger profile, booking lead time, duration of stay and more.

Through Total Air Market, we provide clients with the most comprehensive air travel data in the industry.  

Total Air Market offers…


Updated daily, our data is only 48 hours behind real time.


Select traveller profiles and analyse the arrivals, departures, trip itineraries, seasonality and connectivity of any destination.


We provide travel data by day and down to airport terminal level.

How to track tomorrow’s travellers?

Finding data that covers the whole aviation market accurately, immediately and with detail on traveller itineraries and profiles proves difficult. A lot of data is available, but it is often biased, based on sampling or covers only a part of the market.

Total air traveller numbers to the bottom line of granularity

Total Air Market is our solution. Combining a multitude of sources – among which global air reservations from 180 000 travel agents, seat capacity, metasearch data, data on global events – our algorithms calculates the total air market with details on passenger group size, reason for travelling, complex routings, booking lead times and duration of stay. Direct bookings are also represented.

How does it work?

Every day we receive air reservations from our providers, after which our algorithm calculated the total air market with the help of the other data sources. This is then uploaded to our online platform where our clients can analyze the data any moment they want.


Understand your destination’s performance by knowing exactly who is coming, how your destination is connected to the world and use this knowledge to optimize your marketing strategy.

Retail & Travel Retail

Stay on top of key travel corridors and specific locations: cities, airports and terminals. This allows you to decipher who, when and where to target by nationality.


Define where to advertise what message to whom and at what time throughout airports worldwide, as our data shows you exactly what kind of travellers will be at which airport terminals at what hours.

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