Total Air Market

Drawing on data from a variety of sources, ForwardKeys’ proprietary algorithm calculates the entire global air travel market and presents its findings with unrivalled speed, segmentation and detail. The resultant Total Air Market dataset offers unparalleled insight into passenger group size, passenger profile, booking lead time, duration of stay and more.

Through Total Air Market, we provide clients with the most comprehensive global air travel data in the industry.  

Total Air Market offers…


Since Total Air Market data is just days behind real time, users will never have to wait weeks or months for insights on global air travel trends.


Data segmentation in Total Air Market makes it possible for the user to focus only on the traveller profiles relevant to their business.


The dataset provides not only top-level information but also detailed statistics by airport terminal on traveller profiles, itineraries and more.

The challenge: finding data on the entire global air travel market – but with a high level of detail

For businesses that rely on travel and tourism – and the corresponding data – knowledge of the latest trends in the global air travel market can offer a competitive edge.

Yet these companies also need to know the total numbers of visitors they can expect to arrive at their destination or purchase their services.

Estimations of the total number of global travellers are available in the market, but they fail to provide the level of detail required to inform key business decisions.

For example, while the data may show that a certain number of tourists arrived at a destination at a particular time, it lacks insight on the profile of these tourists, how long they are staying, the type of trip they are taking and other details that a travel-dependent company stands to benefit from.


The solution: a dataset like no other

Total Air Market changes the game for destination marketing organisations, travel retail companies, hotels, theme parks and more.

Based on a dynamic proprietary model, the dataset estimates the total number of tickets booked, changed and cancelled each day for all global commercial airlines and combines this information with details on the profile of travellers and their trip characteristics.

The estimated tickets therefore feature the same level of detail that one would obtain from real tickets, which is complemented by, and referenced against, data from external sources – such as official airline, airport and government statistics.

Together, these ingredients result in the most comprehensive and reliable overview of the global air travel market that also delivers unparalleled speed, detail and traveller segmentation.

How does it work?

Every day, ForwardKeys receives data on all tickets purchased directly from over 100 major global airlines as well as those booked via travel agencies.

This data is combined with an estimate of all the tickets booked with other airlines, including low-cost carriers, before being fed into ForwardKeys’ algorithm along with data from Seat Capacity and external sources.

Finally, the algorithm calculates and corrects the data segmentation and lead times, resulting in the unique Total Air Market dataset.



Gauge your destination’s performance with insight into who is visiting it and how well it is connected to the rest of the world. Use this data to optimise your marketing strategies.

Retail and travel retail

Stay up to date on key travel corridors and specific locations, including cities, airports and terminals. Leverage this information to determine whom to target by nationality and when to target them.


Know what kind of travellers will be at which airport terminals and when. Capitalise on this knowledge by planning airport advertising down to the finest details.

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