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The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of change in the travel industry, causing significant disruption to organisations that rely on tourism.

With the most comprehensive air travel data in the sector, ForwardKeys provides unparalleled insight on evolving trends and traveller preferences. This helps tourist boards, travel retailers and other tourism-dependent enterprises to understand how the industry is changing – and how these changes affect their business.

Yet it is not only ForwardKeys clients that benefit from this level of insight, as several of the company’s top minds frequently share their expertise with global audiences at industry events. As guest travel and tourism speakers, ForwardKeys analysts including Olivier Ponti address the latest travel trends, describe how data is transforming the market and advise industry players on extracting the most value from this data.

For speaking enquiries, from panel discussions at events to keynote presentations in English, Spanish, French, Dutch or Mandarin, please contact Olivier Ponti (olivier.ponti@forwardkeys.com) or fill in this form.

Olivier Ponti

Vice President Insights

As Vice President Insights at ForwardKeys, Olivier Ponti is responsible for bringing the company’s unique travel insights to life. His considerable experience in tourism research, alongside master’s degrees in Economics and Tourism Development, make him one of Europe’s leading experts in travel and destination marketing. He is also an eloquent proponent for the power of data in the tourism sector: when not delivering speeches on the topic at industry events, he is inspiring the next generation of travel-data enthusiasts at Sorbonne University, one of his alma maters. Yet Olivier is just as passionate about learning as he is teaching – and is always keen to discuss the latest events in the travel market.


Juan Gómez

Head of Market Intelligence

Juan Gómez’s career in the travel industry began in 2013 when he left Spain to study for an MA in Tourism Management at the University of Westminster, London. While writing his dissertation, he gained his first professional experience in the sector at an online travel agency. He later joined BDO’s Hotels, Hospitality and Tourism Research department as a research analyst before earning a promotion to manager.

Following his successful six-year stay in London, he returned to Valencia and joined ForwardKeys as an Insights Expert. He now frequently speaks at industry events in person or online in English and Spanish, sharing his expertise on the post-Covid travel landscape.


Nancy Dai

Insights Expert

Having gained a master’s degree in Air Transport Management from the University of Surrey, United Kingdom and professional experience at Korean Air, Nan Dai already possessed extensive knowledge of the travel and aviation industry when she joined ForwardKeys as an intern in 2018.

In her current role as Insights Expert, she focuses on the latest travel trends in her native China and its regional neighbours. She also shares her expertise with international audiences as a speaker at industry events.Nan Dai is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Korean and English.

Outside of work, she is a keen swimmer, traveller and Lego builder!

Luis Millan

Head of Research

With over five years’ experience at ForwardKeys, where he currently works as Market Research Manager, Luis Millán has a keen understanding of traveller behaviour and industry trends. He uses this knowledge to assist destination marketing organisations, hotels, travel retail brands and other travel industry players in adopting data-driven strategies for tourism planning.

Before joining ForwardKeys, Luis gained international experience as a trade consultant and business developer. He holds a BA in Journalism and Communication Studies from the University of Valencia and an MBA from Menéndez Pelayo International University. His strong professional credentials in the tourism sector are complemented by a personal love of travel.


Shingai George

Insights Expert

As a ForwardKeys Insights Expert, Shingai George leverages ForwardKeys data to provide travel industry stakeholders with invaluable insights on market trends. His diverse professional background combines expertise in IT systems and database administration with a decade’s experience in aviation safety, airline sales, flight and airport operations.

Passionate about aviation, Shingai is a trusted voice in the sector. In addition to speaking at industry events and contributing articles to various industry publications, he is a member of the General Aviation Safety Strategy Focus Group in his native South Africa. Furthermore, as an official Contributor to Future Africa Forum, he lends his expertise to the think tank in the areas of infrastructure and development.


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