ForwardKeys’ latest flight search data shows an uplift in LGTBIQ+ tourism and new business opportunities to Madrid and Tel Aviv for Pride Week via their just-launched Events Module in Destination Gateway. Total searches for travelling to Madrid in the run-up to pride increased by 6% versus the previous 10 days (about 1 and a half weeks), whereas for the searches made to Tel Aviv searches increased by 16%.

Looking at arrival dates for those flight searches to Tel Aviv and Madrid during Pride celebrations, there are two clear travel intent peaks for each of the destinations: at the beginning of Pride week (or 1 week before the central event: the Pride Parade) and the day just before the Pride Parade, which usually falls on a Saturday. Therefore, travellers will travel either for a week or a long weekend to their destinations, Tel Aviv, and Madrid during Pride.

“Interestingly, the peak for searches to travel to Tel Aviv is a week before the Pride Parade while for Madrid, the peaks occur just before the weekend, when the main celebration, the Parade, happens as well as 8 days before the event,” says Juan A. Gómez García, Head of Market Intelligence at ForwardKeys.

“This shows that Madrid tourism can benefit from longer-staying international travellers as well as those jetting in for the weekend from neighbouring countries within Europe,” adds Gomez.

Intra-regional travel to Madrid Pride is up 4% versus 2019 levels. Meanwhile, Tel Aviv has seen an uplift of 31% in long-haul travellers versus the same period in 2022.

Total searches for travelling to Madrid in the run-up to pride increased by 6% versus the previous 10 days, whereas for the inquiries made to Tel Aviv searches increased by 16%.

Flight searches for arrivals in Madrid in the 10 days running up to the Pride parade from Canada increased 32% compared with searches made for arrivals in the 10 days prior, marking the most significant increase from the top 20 origin countries. Canada was followed by Uruguay (+21%), Mexico (+20%) and Brazil (+15%). Interestingly, trips to Madrid from other parts of Spain increased by 15%.

For Tel Aviv, the greatest search increases for travelling during Pride week versus the 10 days prior came from Brazil (+43%), Portugal (+37%), Australia (+34%), the U.S.A. (+34%) and Spain (+29%).

“LGBTIQ+ tourism is key in the recovery of post-coronavirus tourism, transforming the economy of a destination and its social fabric. Promoting visibility, cultural exchange, and constant contact with other realities creates a space where diversity flourishes, stereotypes fade, and empathy becomes the foundation for a more inclusive and understanding society. LGBTQ+ tourism is also a human rights issue,” says Edgar Weggelaar, CEO at Queer Destinations.

“Pride events often attract many visitors resulting in a boost to the local tourism industries. Pride celebrations generate substantial economic benefits to cities, with visitors spending money on accommodation, dining, shopping, transportation, and entertainment. Moreover, considering Pride celebrations often span over a few days, this can result in longer stays for visitors. These events can also act as a catalyst to build visitor loyalty and attract repeat trips. Monitoring the impact of these events through Destination Gateway is key for destinations to improve performance measurement, strategy formulation, planning and marketing”, adds Juan A. Gómez García.

ForwardKeys has been instrumental in the travel and tourism sector for driving forward innovation and pioneering data-centric solutions helping DMOs and tourism boards improve their game in attracting and engaging loyal travellers through accurate marketing campaigns, events calendars, and improved flight connectivity. Learn more about the events module and read the past blog here.

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