How travel retail companies can gain access to reliable airport traffic data in volatile circumstances


A new reality for travel retail

The ability to forecast airport traffic is key to a travel retail company’s decision making and planning. However, the pandemic has disrupted usual patterns and trends, creating a volatile environment in which forecasts are extremely difficult to establish.

Against this background, how do retailers determine when to reopen their stores? And when their primary markets are unable to travel, how do they know which audiences to shift their focus to?

Forecasting airport traffic in the absence of reliable trends

ForwardKeys provides reliable, real-time data on the global flow of passengers by nationality, origin airport, destination, and more, allowing travel retail companies to ascertain which kinds of travellers will be passing through their stores at a given time – and in what numbers.

As a result, duty-free operators and airport retailers can identify potential shoppers, optimise staffing and product/sample selection accordingly, and determine where to open new stores based on the distribution of airport traffic.


Forwardkeys Nexus

An all-encompassing BI application for navigating air travel data in real time across a wide range of sectors.


ForwardKeys Smarts

Curated and processed datasets, enriched with advanced data science


Traveller Statistics

An easy-to-use tool providing travel retail brands with traveller-based insights from worldwide airports.


ForwardKeys Connect

A Data-as-a-service platform providing flexible access to our Smart Data while unleashing your true analytics capabilities.


Why luxury brands work with ForwardKeys

To be agile

To be able to base their strategy for targeting international visitors on reliable, near-real-time data.

For the insights

To build on our analysts’ skills and experience to obtain the best insights.

For the best data

To enhance their reporting with detailed data that sets the standard as the industry’s source of reference.

To see what lies ahead

To understand what type of travellers can be expected when and where.

Case studies

Marina Giuliano

With our monthly data updates and filters that allow you to focus your search by region and city, brands and retailers can spend their marketing budgets more effectively, targeting the customers they know will walk into their store at a given time.”

Marina Giuliano
Director of Retail and Travel Retail

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