Predicting shoppers’ impact

Traveller Statistics, our travel retail (TR) BI solution, provides in-depth flight data for TR companies and brands down to the airport terminal level of major international airports.

Drawing on the most comprehensive datasets in the industry, Traveller Statistics shows the nationality, profile and departure time of travellers so that you can be better equipped in staffing, samples and product selection by the hour.

By establishing trends based on historical data, we help our TR clients plan for tomorrow’s traveller.

Traveller Statistics comprises…

Executive Summaries

Key passenger and nationality metrics in simple one-page summaries.

Advanced Analytics

Data on the top international airports showing historical, scheduled and forecast passenger statistics.


Mid- and long-term passenger forecasts for top international airports.

Comparison Reports

Compare passenger rankings and growth from a regional level down to the terminal.

Seat and Route Capacity

Scheduled seat capacity data for over 4,000 airports down to terminal level.

Benefits include…

Best market coverage

Examine outbound booking data and key audiences such as China domestic using Total Air Market for the best coverage in the industry.

All major airports

View traveller statistics by nationality and terminal at major international airports.

Route data

Discover detailed route data for the next six months.

Time of day/days of week

Access data showing the time and days of the week that travellers are at the airport.

Annual forecasts

Look into the future with annual forecasts that paint a picture of travel trends up to 10 years in advance.

Pax ranking tables

See how departure airports, countries and regions, as well as destinations, airlines and retailers, rank by number of passengers served.

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With our monthly data updates and filters that allow you to focus your search by region and city, brands and retailers can spend their marketing budgets more effectively, targeting the customers they know will walk into their store at a given time.”

Marina Giuliano
Director of Retail and Travel Retail

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