Traveller Statistics

Access passenger and nationality traffic reports for global coverage of global airports — at a glance.

Our dedicated BI solution for travel retail companies, media and brands gives you a detailed air travel analysis including departures, destinations, nationalities, airlines, retailers, and terminal-level passenger movements — plus future traffic projections for over 4,750 airports.


Leading brands trust our air passenger market analysis

Traveller Statistics comprises…

For travel retail companies and brands

Executive summaries

Understand global air travel at a glance with clear one-page summaries that show the key passenger and nationality metrics most relevant to your business. 

For in-house analysts

Advanced analysis

Gain more in-depth insight into the world’s top airports with historical, scheduled and forecast passenger statistics.

For travel retail companies and brands

Seat and route capacity

Inform decision-making by estimating consumer footfall based on seat and route capacity — right down to the individual terminal level at your target airports. Analyse direct commercial flights scheduled between two airports, cities, regions, countries or subcontinents, displayed by the number of total flights or total seats available on the aircraft — including both historic and forecast data. 

For travel retail companies and brands


Optimise staffing, inventory, product mix and revenue planning based on daily, monthly and annual forecasts. Our forecast datasets offer a comprehensive projection of passenger traffic, spanning from daily predictions in the coming months to annual estimates over the next decade, utilizing information from scheduled seat capacity, current ticketing, and historical passenger data. This traffic can also be analysed by both route and nationality. 

The most comprehensive full global coverage on the market

Industry-leading dataset

Our comprehensive datasets give you access to historic, current and forecast air passenger market analysis— including both full-service and low-cost carriers — with an accuracy rate of 97.8% (2.2% APE). 

Extensive global coverage

View air travel analysis by nationality and terminal at 4,750 international airports — based on over 40 million annual flights and 70,000 unique routes to give Global Coverage of the global air market.

Near-real-time updates

We offer weekly updates to ensure you’re always seeing the most up-to-date picture of global air travel and making decisions based on current information.

Passenger nationality

Access granular data on passenger nationality, including transiting traffic, passport free travel such as intra-Schengen, and key consumer demographics such as American and Chinese travellers.

Granular analysis

Drill down into precise passenger data showing the exact times and dates that your target customers are departing from the airports and specific terminals where you have a commercial interest.

Powered by Total Air Market algorithm

The TAM dataset is the result of a unique algorithm which estimates global passenger traffic using data science to combine and crosscheck inputs from a range of data sources, including capacity data, historical traffic, actual tickets, bookings, and official statistics. The result is the most comprehensive, multi-purpose and up-to-date global air travel dataset in the industry. 


New forecasting models – for a more accurate outlook

Covid-19 disrupted market trends, requiring a new approach to forecasting due to its impact on historical data. 
In response, we introduced new forecasting models with both long and short-term projections.

Short-term model (12 months)

Our short-term model (12 months) is based on route-specific airline capacity, taking into account load factors and nationality shares from current and past on-the-book data.

Long-term model (10 years)

Our long-term model (10 years) considers historical trends and anticipates the behaviour of existing and potential carriers, influenced by macroeconomic indicators, geopolitics, industry expertise, and newly opening airports.

Marina Giuliano

“With our monthly data updates and filters that allow users to focus their search by region and city, brands and retailers can spend their marketing budgets more effectively, targeting the customers they know will walk into their store at a given time.”

Marina Giuliano
Director of Retail and Travel Retail

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